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Water competition

The business water market has changed

As of April 2017, businesses in England can now choose who they buy their water from.

Businesses in Scotland and high volume users in England were already able to buy their water from a number of licensed providers, but now an open market in England has given every business the freedom and flexibility to choose a water supplier that best suits their own needs.

This is great news, as it means prices will now be more competitive and there will be improved customer service.  In addition, businesses will have a choice of product options meaning your business can get the right products and services to suit your needs.

Get up to date on the latest in the water market!

We've put together some useful guides and information to help you now that the English water market has opened and you can switch from your current supplier. 

The buyers guide to water procurement

With the recent change in the market it might not be clear about what the next steps are for your business. We've put together this comprehensive guide to help you get up to speed and get your business sorted now the market has opened.

Image of the front cover of the Buyers guide to water procurement

Download the buyers guide to water procurement (PDF download)

Water market deregulation checklist

Not sure what to do first for your business to take advantage of the open water market? We've got you covered! Our deregulation checklist covers all industries so that you can understand what's most important for your business.

Image of 'My business water market deregulation check list' PDF

Download our deregulation checklist (PDF download).

Understanding the new water market

What lies at the heart of the new regulations is the splitting of wholesale and retail water services. And if you’re wondering what the difference is, wholesale services cover the delivery of your water and the management of the infrastructure such as the pipe network and treatment plants. It also includes the removal and handling of wastewater. The changes in regulation allows the wholesaler to set the tariffs for these services.

Meanwhile the retail side relates to all the customer-facing activities including billing, meter readings, call centre support and water-efficiency advice. And these are the areas which benefit customers most in terms of competition.

Get to grips with all of the water industry jargon, download our glossary (PDF download).

Image of 'Buying business water is changing' PDF

For a whistle stop tour of deregulation and how may affect your business download our infographic (PDF download).

Want to know even more about the water market?

If you’d like to dig a bit deeper, here are some links to useful documents, research and industry websites:

Open Water

Information about the open water market including details on wholesalers and retailers in England.


The economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales.


The Market Operator delivers the capability needed to support the efficient operation of the new market.

Scotland on Tap

Information about the open water market including details on wholesalers and retailers in Scotland.


Read the full policy document on how the government is making the water industry better for their customers.

Consumer Council for Water

The independent representative of household and business water consumers in England and Wales.

Further reading for you about the water market changes

The business water market changes.

Head and shoulder image of man smiling with blurred background

Like the energy industry the water business is changing through deregulation. Your water supplier will always be the same but you can choose your water retailer.

Read about business water market changes.

Business water rates, what's the deal?

smiling woman accepting payment by card

With the changes to the water industry following through from Scotland to England, it is time to review what you have.

Read about business water rates.

Annual Performance Report

These documents are prepared by us to enable our parent companies to comply with industry regulations. Every year, each water company that holds an Instrument of Appointment to act as a water and sewerage undertaker under the Water Act 1989 must publish information about their performance in the year.

Having served as the water and sewerage retailer for the non-household retail customers of United Utilities Water and Severn Trent Water during the period from 1 June 2016 to 31 March 2017 and solely for Severn Trent Water for the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018, we present the following information on performance during these periods.

For information relating to the United Utilities Water area see the Water Plus Limited Annual Performance Report, and for information relating to the Severn Trent Water area see the Water Plus Select Limited Annual Performance Report.

Water Plus Select Limited Annual Performance Report 2019
Water Plus Select Limited Methodology Statement 2019
Water Plus Select Limited Annual Performance Report 2018
Water Plus Select Limited Methodology Statement 2018
Water Plus Limited Annual Performance Report 2017
Water Plus Limited Methodology Statement 2017
Water Plus Select Limited Annual Performance Report 2017
Water Plus Select Limited Methodology Statement 2017
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