Being there for customers with great people and robots saving time, simplifying and improving what we do

By Jill Thorpe, Operations Director
5th October, 2020

Whilst we’ve been talking to, listening to and supporting customers around the impacts of coronavirus, we’ve also been working away, under the surface, to enhance what we do and look ahead.

As part of our continuous business development, we’ve been identifying areas where we can improve and enhance our service further, including investing in our operations to answer more customer calls and increase meter reads we receive, plus we’ve been developing our online customer portals and introducing robots to automate repeat tasks with some sections of data. This frees up our people to spend more time with our customers.

Over the last two financial years, we’ve also made significant progress, year on year, reducing complaints and, as well as pushing to lower these further, we’re continuing to make enhancements for our customers and improve our processes. We’re also continuing taking steps to lower the chance of a complaint being made to start with.

Here’s a bit more about what we’re doing.

Working to make improvements and help customers across our industry

We’ve been working with several of the industry groups, helping design best practice approaches, documents and guides, improve market processes as well as raising issues that cause delays for our customers. Collaborating together - to make improvements for all.

You may not be aware that we have a really active role in the market, raising issues and complexities that impact organisations of all sizes – some of which businesses, reading this, will be aware of.

In fact, we’re part of 20 industry working groups looking at processes and how we can all work together to streamline approaches in the industry. We know it’s important to do this to help improve processes, so we can speed up the time it takes to get the answers organisations need and ask for.

Our proactive water management team have also been working away to open up opportunities for more savings with multi-site businesses and the public sector, highlighting where risks can be for operations, using not only Automatic Meter Reader (AMR) data loggers and clear online portals to spot where issues may be, but also flood alerts, so organisations can be more prepared for potential interruptions. You can find out more about this in our latest blog on reducing risks.

We also continue to highlight water efficiency opportunities to save money along with information and tips on how to spot leaks, to reduce future additional costs and reduce risks - so organisations, whatever their size, can continue doing business. There's more on how to be prepared with a water plan here.

What else is ahead

In a nutshell, much more to help customers – watch this space and keep an eye on our website, social media updates and customer portals. We’ll continue our efforts to make it easier to deal with accounts - as well as provide more information to customers about their water and wastewater.

On the technology front, as well as launching three bots as part of enhancements we’re making, we also have people in our team who are working to develop these and explore where else we can use bots to help our customers and our teams too.

We’re continuing to listen and evolve what we do, and we’re making progress in a number of key areas - often in the background but it’s happening – all so that our customers can get the information they need easily and quickly.

We know we’ve still got work to do and we’re not standing still - we’ll continue our efforts to reduce any delays for our customers.

Our teams are here to talk to customers, particularly if you have any concerns about water bills and the financial impact of Covid-19 on your operation.

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