Fight the freeze – don’t get caught out this winter.

Don't wait until it's too late. Here's how to protect your business during the colder months. 


We all know winter means chilling mornings, extra layers and defrosting your car before setting off for work. But have you ever thought about what sub-zero temperatures can do to your water infrastructure?

As a business owner, you're usually responsible for ALL the private pipework on your property, and that extends right to your boundary edge. So the bigger your site, the more pipes you've got to look after. That's why being prepared for winter is important for all businesses.

Frozen pipes that lead to a burst or leak can be costly, but if you're on the ball, you can avoid pouring your money down the drain.

Here's our tips on how to fight the freeze this winter.

Keep your pipes cosy and warm

Lag any pipes exposed to the cold. If you can insulate colder areas of your buildings that can work wonders too. Repairing any gaps in your building that can let in the cold will keep you and your pipes warmer. If your business premises are unoccupied at any time, keep the heating on to a minimum of 4 degrees to keep a freeze away.

Be prepared, just in case a freeze bursts a pipe

While no-one wants a burst pipe, it can and does happen, so it's best to be prepared so you can minimise the impact on your business. Our experts at Water Plus know all about how damaging a burst pipe or leak can be. We've asked one of our Project Managers, Mark Taylor to share his top tips for getting your business prepared.

Didn't quite catch all that? No problem. Here's what you need to do to limit any damage if there's a leak on your premises.
Video summary infographic

If you're a larger business, we can help you with planning ahead. Take a look at our contingency planning services for more information.

How to check for leaks

You've protected your pipes and property and your emergency plan is ready, so hopefully you'll have no problems, but how do you actually know if you've got a leak in the first place?

If you're thinking of water spectacularly shooting up out of the ground, you may be disappointed. Unfortunately, not all leaks are that obvious. Hidden eaks that seep water away unnoticed are one of the most common reasons for unexpectedly high water bills.

If your bills are higher than you expect, or you have a much higher meter read than expected, it could be the first tell-tale signs of a leak. If you think there might be a leak on your premises, there's a four-step process for checking. Here's our quick guide to making sure a leak doesn't go unnoticed.
Infographic with four leak detection tips

If you do have a leak, as you're responsible for the water pipes on your property, it's down to you to get it fixed. It also means you have to pay for water lost from the leak as it's water recorded as used on the water meter.

Need help fixing a leak? Learn more about our leak detection and repair services at Water Plus.

Now you're up to speed with fighting the freeze the most important thing is to actually do it. We know it's easy to put taking care of your utilities to the back of your mind, but being proactive can really save you a lot of time, stress and money.

To help you remember all the things you need to do to protect your business this winter, download and print our free poster.

8 tips for protecting your business this winter.

For more help managing your water and protecting your business, download the Water Plus Proactive Water Management guide or take a look at all the proactive water management services we offer.

Need further guidance on what you should do for your business this winter? Email us about our Advanced Services at 

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