Would you want to waste 1,750 pints of beer?

It’s always nice to take some time out to relax and have a drink.

Whether that’s a hot chocolate before bed, a pint of beer at the weekend, a glass of prosecco for that special occasion or even granny’s annual sherry, we’re sure it’s well deserved.

You wouldn’t deliberately waste these drinks, right? So what about water – something we all need every day? It’d be a costly shame, especially from a burst or leaking pipe.

So how much water could a leak waste?

Infographic showing water costs in relation to drinks

It’s probably safe to say you wouldn’t be having this much to drink over the weekend, or even in a week, but you could be wasting this much per hour with a burst pipe!

How much could a leak cost?

While 1 cubic meter of water is a lot cheaper than all those hot chocolates, you won’t want to be paying for it to just seep away when you consider:

Infographic with how much 1 cubic metre of wasted water costs a day, week and year

That would be a lot of wasted money from your business!

It won't happen to me!

Don’t be so sure – in reality burst pipes are quite a common occurrence. During the winter of February 2018, our leak detection experts found leaks at businesses wasting an estimated 1.3million litres of water per day! That’s equal to around £91,500!

Leaks are likely to catch you out because they’re not always obvious to spot. They’re not necessarily pipes gushing water and leaving puddles – they can be underground, unseen, slowly seeping water and wasting money.

Once water has passed through the meter it’s classified as used water and you have to pay for it, even if it’s just leaking away. And, just like at home, you’re responsible for pipe maintenance and repairs too.

What can you do?

If it’s underground and unseen, how can you know if you have a leak in the first place? Well, taking regular water meter readings, so you see if there’s a big increase, is one good way to keep an eye out for potential leaks.

Avoiding a burst pipe is even better and the best way to do that is to prepare your business for the most perilous time – winter – before it arrives. We have some handy tips for fighting the freeze and advice on contingency planning.

And that’s not all! We’ve got more leak spotting advice.

How can we help

Our leak detection and repair team not only help businesses identify leaks, they take action to isolate the pipe and arrange a repair quickly with minimal disruption. This approach stops you wasting as much water as possible.

So, if you ever have a leak at your site you can find out more about our leak detection and repair service or you can contact our experts on: advancedservices@water-plus.co.uk or 01782 968937.
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