How to get a smart meter for my business

Manage your water consumption, save money and quickly identify leaks in your infrastructure. Why wouldn’t you want a smart metering service?

If you’re a Water Plus customer, you can take advantage of our smart metering services. A smart meter will give your business more control over its water usage. With better visibility over your consumption, a business water smart meter can help you spot trends and highlight areas where you can cut back to reduce your bill.

What is a smart water meter service?

We have two elements to our service, the first is the devices we provide, the second is giving you accessibility to the consumption data so you can track and monitor this.

We provide two devices as part of our smart metering service . Firstly an automated meter reader which enables us to to measure your water consumption and store the data remotely. Secondly, at Water Plus, we attach flow monitoring loggers to the automated meter reader . In most cases, we can attach a logger to your existing meter, so there’s no need to replace your current device.

The data collected from the loggers is then collated into a report that you can view via the Water Plus AMR portal. You’ll can use this data to review your current consumption patterns and make changes.

How does a smart metering service benefit my business?

The key benefit of smart metering is that, if fully used, it can save you money. Smart meters provide you with daily updates on how much water you’re using. This allows you to actively monitor your business’ water consumption and identify where and when you’re using it most, and potentially where you may be wasting water.

From here, you can use the consumption data to set and achieve your business’ water efficiency goals. We can set alarms on your loggers that will notify you if consumption significantly falls or rises below or above agreed levels, ensuring you’re always in the know about how much you’re using.

A smart meter is also great for helping you spot leaks in your infrastructure. As you’ll quickly be alerted to any unusual water use, you can address issues such as leaks before they become costly. What’s more, you’ll be notified about any problems that occur out of hours, enabling you to implement water contingency plans.

With your water usage data at your disposal, you can speedily identify any irregularities and areas where you can reduce your water consumption to save money. We can also use your data to benchmark against similar organisations or sites.

How to get a smart meter

At Water Plus, you can buy or lease the loggers for an agreed time period and we’ll install them without any interruption to your water supply. If the loggers are leased from us, we’ll take responsibility for maintaining them as well.

If you’d like to introduce smart metering to your business, email us today at​.

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