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Protecting your business over the winter months.

Mark-T-(1).PNGBy Mark Taylor, Advanced Services Project Manager

Its official, winter is upon us and this is exactly the time of year where you should be thinking about how you’re going to proactively protect your business during the colder months of the year. 

We asked Mark Taylor, our Advanced Services Project Manager and leak detection expert, to share his golden rules on how you can minimise the possibility of a water incident occurring and ensure your day to day operations continue to run smoothly.

1. Understanding your business water system is key

Understanding your water infrastructure will save you precious time if an incident happens. As a minimum I would suggest your staff / facilities managers know where to find stop taps and they look out for any weak points in the system like loose fittings that may need fixing.

2. Make a contingency plan

Preparing for the worst will mean you're ready for any situation that comes your way. Make a detailed plan and ensure all your employees are aware of this - that way no matter who is on site when a problem occurs they'll know what to do.  

3. Check you’re covered

Check your insurance and make sure you fully understand what will be covered in the event of an incident, burst pipe or any other water damage. If you don’t pay for the insurance, check with the managing agent or landlord to see what you are covered for. Make sure you know where financial responsibility lies.

4. Check who you should contact in an emergency

Make sure you, and your teams, know who you should be contacting. Having the numbers ready will save you valuable time. 

It’s also useful to take the time to understand the difference between whether it’s the responsibility of your water wholesaler or retailer to help you in times of crisis. If you have a problem with your water supply or water quality your wholesaler will be able to help you. If you have a problem on your site such as a leak, your retailer will able to help you. 

5. Regular leak checks

Obviously this isn’t something you will want to do every day but I would recommend that you check as often as possible. Catching a leak early could save you money and hassle further down the line. 

Spotting a leak:     

  • Has your water bill increased for reasons you do not understand
  • Has there been a drop in the pressure of your water
  • Does your premise have any structural damage due to flooding
Download our handy four-step guide to check for leaks.

6. Check your heating

Shutting down your premises' heating system completely could increase your risk of a frozen pipe. Leave the heating on a low setting and you’ll reduce this risk. 

7. Check the weather 

Real time weather updates can help you stay one step ahead. If you know what’s to come you can plan accordingly. 

8. Keep in touch 

Make sure the correct people within your business are contactable. The longer a leak goes unreported the more damage it will do. By making sure the correct person within your business is easily contactable the less time it will take to get the problem fixed. 

These tips may seem simple but with the change in weather comes the potential for problems – finding your business flooded due to a frozen or burst pipe is never a good way to start the day!

My main advice would be to make sure you’re prepared and that if the worst does happen you have a plan in place and you can minimise your risk!

Take a look at our Proactive Water Management section to get a better understanding of the water services we provide and find out how we can work together to achieve your business objectives. We offer a variety of services, ranging from those that can help you to become a more sustainable business to those that can help you to protect your business in times of emergency. 

Alternatively, you can speak to our Advanced Services team to find out more, email today.

Download our Proactive Water Management pack today. 

Click here to find out what else you can do to Fight the Freeze this winter. 

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