Go with the flow: your employees want you to save more water!

By Eleanor Bailey

According to research, employers aren’t treating saving water at work as importantly as their workers – and our planet – need them to.

glasses-close-up-on-book-coverYou can read and download the report for free - and see here how water’s a whizz at helping you reach Net Zero and aims under the UN Sustainable Development Goals – plus reduce energy costs along the way too!

Whether you’re in the public sector or another industry, this insight can help you harness people power in your organisation – and meet reporting requirements on climate impacts.

It’s also worth checking these top 3 steps to reduce risks to interruptions and important checks, particularly as water use for many sites will have changed last year and during 2021 too.

The research: how water's seen by employees

Workplace water attitudes – it’s probably not something you have data easily to hand on, so to help you get a window into your worker's thoughts we commissioned independent research company Censuswide to investigate attitudes about saving water at work.

They surveyed public sector workers from England and Scotland, to create a report called Flowing In The Right Direction: Water Use In The Public Sector.

Here’s what your business - and those running public sector sites or managing facilities - can learn from our research:

What employees think

It’s clear that people care about saving water. Of public sector workers surveyed in England and Scotland in the 2019 survey:

On top of this, 45% of public sector workers say they’re more conscious of their water use at work than they were in May 2018 and 50% who work in businesses say the same, which shows there’s a willingness of your employees to help towards your Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

What organisations are doing to encourage water saving

It’s not that organisations aren’t trying to become more sustainable. Actually, 64% of public sector workers – and 61% of those in the private sector - said their employer encourages them to consider their environmental impact. But of those, only 24% in the public sector felt encouraged to save water – compared to 83% saying they had encouragement to reduce using paper and 74% for plastic.

The problem seems to be that water sustainability isn’t being prioritised as much as other sustainability measures. But this isn’t a good attitude, because saving water is an increasingly important issue.

Why saving water is important

Water isn’t as sustainable as you might think – the amount of freshwater on our planet hasn’t changed over time, yet the population of people relying on it is increasing. We don’t just need this water for drinking, either. It’s needed in just about every aspect of food and technology production and the infrastructure of our modern lives.

So, saving water is important for the environment. But if that’s not enough, it’ll also save your business money. By using water more efficiently you’ll use less and so pay less on your water and electricity bills. Just look at how Hampden Park saved £40,000 a year by becoming more water efficient.

It’s win: win!

How to save water

close-up-water-splashSo, now you’re convinced of the benefits the good news is – saving water is easy! Simple measures like encouraging water-saving behaviour, keeping on top of your pipework to prevent leaks, and investing in water-efficient devices are great places to start.

The people we surveyed said they’d appreciate being educated, stimulated and having visibility of the organisation’s environmental performance. So, to get the best out of water-saving, and to help your employees get engaged, you’d do well to share a plan of action with clear targets, progress towards these and, potentially, even offer rewards.

Plus, we can help with water-saving!

We’ve got a best-in-the-business advanced water services team, who are experts in all things water efficiency. Smart metering, site auditing, water efficiency products and leak detection and repair are just some of the things we offer to help your business save water and save money.

For more water-saving tips, check out our water-saving tips for small businesses or water-saving tips for large businesses.

Read the report

Why not have a look at everything we found out for yourself? The report is packed full of more insights about public sector water savings, and even some learnings from the private sector too.

You can read and download the report for free.


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