Save water at work and at home to reduce your impact on the environment

Small steps when it comes to using water can make a big difference and help the impact we all have on environment too.
  • Turn taps off after use to cut water waste.
Did you know that a running tap uses around 6 litres of water a minute? That’s equal to more than 18 cans of fizzy drink!
  • Bin sanitary products, wet wipes and cotton buds to reduce blockages in toilets or water supply interruptions at your workplace or home, rather than flushing them away.
  • Fix any leaky loos, dripping taps or stop other leaks.
If you’ve spotted something, report it to your manager, so action can be taken to get it repaired and reduce water being wasted. A leaky loo can waste up to 400 litres of water a day – that’s equivalent to 5 full bath tubs.
  • Fill up dishwashers and use eco settings.
  • Report any water leaks to your manager, so a repair can be arranged promptly and to identify processes that could be wasting water.
Tips for gardens and outside areas, at home or work:
  • Consider collecting rainwater with a water butt on a downpipe at your site which could be used for watering plants.
  • Use a trigger gun, if you need to use a hose, to control flow to reduce water waste and make your water bill lower.
  • Consider using washing-up water from kitchens on grassed areas instead of sprinklers, which can use as much water in 1 hour as a family of 4 uses in 1 day.  
  • Landscaping your site? Try to select plants and shrubs tolerant of dry conditions.

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