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Provider of Last Resort (POLR)

In the event that a water provider is removed from the market, the Central Market Agency (CMA) is responsible for allocating a new provider to its customers. 

Water companies that have registered as a Provider of Last Resort (POLR) will be advised of the water supply points or SPIDS allocated to them by the CMA. This is an automatic process.

The new water provider is responsible for informing its allocated customers that they are the new provider or supplier once the transfer of customers has taken place.

The customer will have a “Deemed Contract” with their new water provider.

Deemed Contract

A Deemed Contract exists when a customer is using water or wastewater services but there is no agreed contract with a Licensed Provider. This may be the case if:

  • Your existing provider has stopped operating in the Scottish water market
  • Your business has moved premises

The designated Licensed Provider will invoice the customer for all applicable charges for services provided during the Deemed Contract. The customer is liable to pay these charges for the period they are supplied by the designated Licensed Provider. 

Where the actual usage of the customer is not known by the provider at the time an invoice is raised, the charges will be based on a reasonable estimate of the service the customer will use or has used in the period covered by the invoice.

Water and wastewater charges under a Deemed Contract are set by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS). Charges will be based on a default tariff.

You may contact your new provider, or approach other providers, to agree an alternative arrangement for the provision of water services or wastewater services.

More information on Deemed Contracts is provided by WICS. 

View A Guide to Deemed Contracts here.

View Details of the Deemed Contract Scheme here.

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