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Live Rateable Values are changing

The Scottish Government has confirmed that from 1 April 2018 business water charges will be calculated using the rateable value (RV) that is used for business rates.

This is an industry change that affects business customers in Scotland. The change applies for water, sewerage and drainage charges for unmeasured sites, and for drainage only at premises that are metered.

Why is this change happening?

Until now the water industry has used historic RVs to calculate unmeasured charges. The values date back to when the property was built (or last modified) and in some cases can be the value assigned to the property as far back as 1995.

This means that there can be significant differences between the amounts charged for water services at properties that have the same live rateable value and the same level of business rates. The Scottish Government has decided that this situation is unfair and needs to change. 

What impact will the change have?

The change will mean that all customers will be charged on a more consistent basis. 

As a result of the change some customers will see increases in their bills while other customers will see lower bills for their RV related services. You can find the Live RV for your site(s) on the Scottish Assessors Association website at

The change is being phased-in over 3 years from 1 April 2018. Once the change is fully implemented, all RV charges will be calculated solely using the most up to date valuation.

If you would like more information about the RV changes and what this means please contact or visit the Scottish Government website at 

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