Severn Trent Water notice of retail exit application

On the 1 July 2018, Severn Trent Water will exit the retail water market and we will become the retail service provider for all non-household (business) customers in their region.

What happens to your account when Severn Trent exit?

If you’re in the Severn Trent wholesale region we’ve already been managing your account since last April, acting as an agent for Severn Trent, so you’ll see no change to the service you get.

We’ll carry on managing your account just as we do now looking after:

  • billing

  • meter reading

  • account management

  • any help you need with your account

We’re still the first people to contact if you need help with your account. If you have any water emergencies though, like your supply stops, low pressure, leaks, bursts, sewage leaks or problems with taste and odour, you can still contact Severn Trent directly.

What does exiting mean and why is it happening in July?

The water retail market for non-household customers has been open to competition since 1 April 2017.  This means customer services such as meter reading, customer contact, billing and payments are looked after by water retailers like us. Water wholesalers, like Severn Trent, still provide clean water to businesses and take away and treat wastewater.

Since April 2017, Water Plus have looked after the accounts of non-household customers in the Seven Trent wholesale region acting as an agent on their behalf. 

We’ve been doing this because Severn Trent didn’t exit the retail market in April 2017. This is because last year Dee Valley (a water company in Wales) became part of the Severn Trent Group. The two companies proposed some changes to the regulatory boundaries which would affect some non-household companies on the England Wales border. As a result they withdrew their initial application to exit until the changes were approved.

This has now happened so the boundaries of Severn Trent and Dee Valley will match the border between England and Wales. These changes happen on I July and at the same time Severn Trent will exit the non-household retail market for non-household customers.

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