Our Policies

Modern Slavery Statement 

This statement is made on behalf of Water Plus Group Limited and its subsidiaries, Water Plus Limited and Water Plus Select Limited pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act) and constitutes the Group’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the period until 31 March 2022. Continue reading...

Previous Statements can be found below:

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

This report sets out the gender pay gap at Water Plus, the reasons for it and the steps we are taking to close it. The law requires any company with more than 250 employees to publish its gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is the difference between the pay of men and women working for an organisation. Full report...

Our previous gender pay gap reports:
Gender Pay Gap Report 2020
Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Tax Strategy

This document sets out Water Plus Group's approach to tax risks for the financial year ending 31 March 2022.

The group's tax strategy applies to Water Plus Group Limited and its subsidiaries Water Plus Limited and Water Plus Select Limited. We consider this document, which has been approved by the Water Plus Group Board of Directors on 5 November 2021, to be in line with Finance Act 2016 Sechedule 19, paragraph 16. Continue reading...

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

We provide our customers with water retail services, including billing, meter reading and customer account support, along with water efficiency technical services and advice. From supermarkets to multinational manufacturers, national chains to corner shops, the public sector and charities - we partner with organisations of all sizes, across all sectors. Full policy...

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)

At Water Plus we care about the environment and the community we work in, and we want to protect and enhance it.  Taking responsibility for our social impact is also important to us. Our policy has been shaped so that it keeps us true to our commitments and improving our position in specific areas over time. Continue reading…

Data Protection Statement 

Water Plus collects, stores and processes personal data about our customers. We recognise that the correct and lawful treatment of this personal data will help maintain confidence in our company and assist in delivering successful business operations.

This Data Protection Statement sets out how we, as a data controller, safeguard the personal data of our customers. It also explains the rights and obligations of our customers (as data subjects) with respect to such data. Continue reading...

Acceptable Engagement Policy

At Water Plus we deal with thousands of customer contacts every year promptly, effectively and without issue. Our teams are trained to deal with people in a professional, courteous manner in line with our business values.

Unfortunately, like many other suppliers and service providers, we sometimes come across challenging customers or intermediaries who use a range of behaviours or tactics that are unacceptable. Continue Reading...

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