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Phew... what a scorcher

The sun’s out, temperatures are up and we have a heatwave. That means there’s some things you can be sure of:

  • The press will roll-out their cheesy headlines.
  • The smell of sunscreen and BBQ smoke will waft across the country.
  • And ice cream sellers are smiling.

It also means at home and at work we’ll all use a lot more water while trying to keep ourselves and our environment cool and hydrated.

Thinking about our water

Of course, when you’ve had the wet, cold and chilling winter we did, it’s easy for any of us not to think too much about an increase in water use.

Long spells of hot and dry weather, paddling pools popping up in our well-watered gardens and the extra ice cube in your favourite refreshing, cooling drink, can all too soon start to drain our reservoirs, which isn’t good for the environment too.

So, while basking in the sunshine, it’s a good time to think about how your business can be more water efficient and help offset the extra water we’ll use keeping cool. And this can be easier than you think with even a few simple steps going a long way to help.

Equipment and facilities

Checking that your equipment and facilities that use water aren’t leaking and dripping is an obvious but easy way to save water. A leaky loo – or even a dripping tap - isn’t the most interesting thing to focus on but it’s literally flushing money down the drain. Installing water efficiency devices in sinks and toilets like waterless urinals and spray taps are a good way of saving too.

You can find lots of gadgets to help here.

When it comes to leaky pipes we normally think of water gushing out leaving big puddles that grab your attention. But a leaking pipe slowly seeping water under your business premises can go unnoticed for ages. A water audit will help you spot this, or seeing if your meter is still recording water being used when everything else is turned off is a tell-tale sign that something’s not right.

Recycling water

Looking at options to recycle water is a whole topic in itself but one worth considering. This could be looking at how you can reuse the wastewater in your business, to using water butts to collect rainwater. You’ll have to give up the sunshine for this though.

If you have grassed areas at your business it’s tempting to keep them well watered and looking lush. Unless you’ve got newly laid or seeded lawn though, you don’t need to worry about watering them too much. Lawns are much better at handling a lack of water than we are, so will be just fine if you cut down on the sprinkling.

Make sure you get everyone at work involved in finding ways that they can use less water too. It can be as simple as making sure the taps are turned off or someone might have a great water-saving idea which will save you money too.

So, if you want to be water wise, why not check out the hints and tips on our website for more ideas to help. Because, after all, we do like a nice long summer so need to do our bit to help.

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