More water cutting tech being trialled by Water Plus

The UK’s largest water retailer will introduce and trial flush-cutting technology this year as part of its Commitment to the Environment.

photo-5-(1).jpgWater Plus will install the Ureco system, which cuts flushes to 4 times a day on urinals, at its main office.
Many urinals flush four times an hour – that’s around 96 times in 24 hours - so a 9-litre cistern, would use 315,360 litres per year. At a £2.50 per cubic metre charge for the water, this would mean a cost of £788.40 over a year. 

With the Ureco installed with the water management system, this would drop to 13,140 litres per annum and at £2.50 per cubic metre, this would mean a cost of £32.85, though this figure may vary depending on site needs and requirements.

The announcement of the trial was made just ahead of Festival Net Zero 2021 and follows the water retailer installing drinking water units that save water at their main office, as part of trialling more innovative approaches to using less mains water, in a first in their sector.

Photos supplied by HSG**

The technology trials are just one of the ways Water Plus is supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Other work includes raising awareness around cutting water waste to help organisations of all sizes and launching a major tree-planting partnership – along with exploring innovative technology – to help customers - and the water retailer - reduce the impact on natural resources and the environment.

Laura McNamee, Sustainability and Customer Products Lead at Water Plus, said: “Many do not realise how much water urinals can use every photo-7.JPGsingle day – and this amount is even higher if there are no controllers and any ongoing trickling leaks. It all adds up to extra costs that businesses can do without – particularly after the last 16 months all sectors have seen.

“We’re committed to making sustainability and minimising our environmental impact core to our business, our people and our customers and the technology trials are just part of what we’re doing. We’re delivering our Commitment to the planet through exploring how innovative approaches can help organisations with their water use and through the technical water services we provide - along with raising awareness around water waste and savings from efficiencies – whether it’s a small, large, or multi-site organisation.”

The flush-reducing technology also means less water needs to be treated and supplied to a site, lowering the energy needed and carbon produced as a result.
HSG managing director Simon Rice said: “It’s great the UK’s largest water retailer will start this trial this year so they can see the environmental benefits the system brings – along with the cost-savings. The Uretech water manager significantly reduces urinal flushes due to the Ureco urinal sleeve. The patented odour lock system traps urinal odours below the surface and the Ureco enzyme reduces blockages by eating away at uric salts, fats and oils keeping the pipework clean and free flowing.”

Small steps – and larger ones – when it comes to water use, can help organisations’ reach green goals, including Net Zero aims and the water retailer has free advice and extra information on how this can be achieved online.

The technology trial follows the announcement this year of a new major tree-planting partnership between Water Plus and the charity Trees for Cities, that will see hundreds of trees planted which, amongst the other benefits they bring, contribute to managing surface water run-off in the UK, which can cause more flooding.

Water Plus is welcoming suggestions for potential sites where planting can take place too on social media and through emails to *


Further info


*Water Plus is appealing for people to get in touch through social media if they have a suggestion of a business, community group, farmer, or other organisation in areas that see high levels of rainfall each year - and say how trees would benefit their area. People can do this by commenting on Water Plus social posts on the partnership and tree-planting on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, by sending a private message to Water Plus through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, or by emailing with the subject heading #NominateforTrees. Water Plus will review all suggestions submitted through social media and by email to and consider how the sites might be suitable and involved in tree-planting. Suggestions for sites (on social media or by email to does not guarantee trees would be planted. Water Plus will work with Trees for Cities around plans for where any trees, as part of the new partnership, may be planted.

Suggested sites can be in England, Scotland or Wales and would also need to agree to providing photos, details and access for external use by Water Plus online and in print. The deadline for suggestions is 31 August, 2021. Trees will be planted in towns and cities. Suggestions submitted will be reviewed by Water Plus and any decision by Water Plus is final.
HSG and Uretech water management system and Ureco – for more details on the HSG product range, results they deliver and benefits, see:

** The photos used on this page have been supplied by HSG for use in connection with the above information only.


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