Water made from air units start trial at Water Plus’s offices - in industry first

High tech Air2Eau units that create drinking water from thin air are being trialled by water retailer Water Plus in a first for their sector in the UK.


The Air2Eau atmospheric water generators have been installed in the organisation’s main office and are part of the business exploring innovative technology that can help customers and reduce the impact Water Plus has on natural resources and the environment.

It's just one of the ways Water Plus is supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and looking at technology that can help organisations use water more efficiently to reach sustainability and green goals - plus reduce future running costs.

It follows the announcement this year of a new major tree-planting partnership that will see hundreds of trees planted which, amongst the other benefits they bring, contribute to managing surface water run-off in the UK, which can cause more flooding.

Laura McNamee and Tim Sewell at Water Plus with one of the units and our recycled plastic water bottles

Each of the Air2Eau units create around 30 litres of water a day and, in a pilot* involving 4 units with another organisation, they saved 9,768 litres of water in a year - as well as saved energy.*

Water-unit-at-South-Court-for-external-use-photo-1.jpgLaura McNamee, Sustainability and Customer Products Lead at Water Plus, said: “It’s fantastic to see these units arrive with our business and we’re looking forward to seeing our people use them as restrictions are released this year. We’re committed to making sustainability and minimising our environmental impact core to our business, our people and our customers and these new units are just part of what we’re doing. We’ll be saying more on the action we’re taking later this year - so watch out for more.

“We’re delivering our Commitment to the planet through exploring how innovative approaches can help organisations with their water use and through the technical water services we provide - along with raising awareness around water waste and savings from efficiencies – whether it’s a small or large organisation.

“Amongst our range of services is data loggers on water meters and an online portal to track consumption more closely and identify opportunities and waste, which have helped to increase water efficiency.”

Water Plus will be trialling two of the Air2Eau units this year – and the units were delivered in time for national Water Saving Week 2021 too, with Water Plus staff using the units in the run-up to World Environment Day!

One of our great team at Water Plus using the new unit

John Gordon, Managing Director of Air2Eau, said: “It’s great that Water Plus are leading the way, seeking out and exploring innovative technology that can help organisations reduce their environmental impact – and save money too.

“Air2Eau makes water out of thin air and they are only plugged into a power supply – they don’t need a mains water supply. The 100% sustainable water that the Air2Eau system supplies, using moisture in the air, is produced by using a unique ‘closed’ 7-stage filtration system and save 3 tonnes of carbon each year – as well as the added benefit of drinking the purest water available. There are currently circa 1 million water coolers being used in the UK. If they were converted to the Air2Eau system, then the UK would save 11 billion litres of water and 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.*
“Plus, these units are easy to maintain with filter changes only needed once to twice a year, depending on factors, and there are no infrastructure or installation needs or costs.”

See how small steps – and larger ones – when it comes to water use, can help organisations’ reach green goals and reduce running costs.


Further notes


Air2Eau and Air2Eau units
The pilot of the 4 Air2Eau units was at sites in the UK between September 2015 and June 2017. Air2Eau installed water meters to track the savings during the trial, resulting in 9,768 litres of water savings. 2,442 litres of water per unit per annum x 4 units = 9,768 litres. An air2eau unit uses 0.7 kWh per week x 52 weeks trial = 36.4 kWh per unit x 4 installed units = 145.6 kWh. Over the trial period of 78 weeks, a savings of 220 kWh had been achieved. Each unit will save circa 0.75 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. 0.75 x 4 = 3 tonnes, Air2Eau said.

You can find more information on the specifics of the unit, or the results it can deliver, here.

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