Why you should consider insulating your pipes over winter

Mark Taylor, Advanced Services Operations Manager at Water Plus, gives tips of what business sites should consider during the winter months to help prevent their operation grinding to a halt due to a water interruption or issue.

Winter is the time when you really should be thinking about how you're going to protect your business. Water Plus has helped businesses of different sizes with leak repairs since April 2017 - saving more than 2 billion litres of water along with more than £5m in costs that the businesses would have incurred had their leaks not been stopped. And we've completed more than 200 water efficiency site surveys to help our customers identify how to save and use water more wisely.

It doesn't need to reach the point where repairs are needed. Businesses can avoid having problems with their site infrastructure by becoming more proactive with their water management. There are eight main ways businesses can do this:

  • regular leak checks;
  • check the heating;
  • check the weather;
  • keep in touch;
  • make a contingency plan;
  • check insurance cover;
  • check who to contact in an emergency; and
  • understanding the water system.

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