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Key agreement signed at national event ahead of water market opening

Business water retailer Water Plus has signed a landmark agreement marking its entry into the water retail market in England.
The contract was signed at an event in London and sets out how Water Plus, the Market Operator and other market participants will work together to oversee the new retail market in England.
The signing follows confirmation from the government (Defra) that the water market in England will open on time in a few short weeks.

Sue Amies-King, Chief Executive of business water retailer Water Plus said: “The opening of the water market in England next month is an historic moment not only for Water Plus, but also for the wider water industry."

"It is very important to have these contracts and arrangements all in place so that the new water market can operate smoothly for customers when it opens on 1 April."
“We’ve been working closely with the water regulator Ofwat as well as the Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL). We’ve also had contact with the Consumer Council for Water (CCW), who represents customers, so they can see how we will help business customers of any size."
“We’ve helped to build the foundations of a new water market in England and we are proud to be on the edge of a really positive change for businesses of any size, from the corner shop to the large manufacturer.”
Jonas Reed, Strategy and Regulation Director at Water Plus, signed the market contract at the event in London. He also signed contracts with several wholesalers from across the UK. These contracts set out the ways Water Plus will work with wholesalers.
Water Plus will be operating nationally across the whole of England and has already signed up business customers from across the country - customers from small sites to those with multiple locations.
The contract signed at the event was the Market Arrangements Code Framework Agreement.
The Market Arrangements Code (MAC) covers how the new retail market in England will operate, including the setting up of a panel to help oversee the codes and any changes to these. It was signed by the Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL), Water Plus and other market participants including wholesalers.
The signing took place on 8 March, 2017.

Jonas Reed, Strategy and Regulation Director at Water Plus, signs the landmark agreement.
Photo copyright of Market Operator Services Limited (MOSL).

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