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Advanced water services explained

Our water efficiency experts have years of experience across a variety of industry-leading services, all designed to take away any worries and help your business maximise savings. No matter your size or needs we’ve got you covered, so why not have a look at how we could help?
Our advanced water services are split into 4 sections – Measure, Save, Protect and Connect.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s in each one, and hear from some of our customers on the great service we've delivered here - and below:


Understand how your water is being used with our:

Smart Meters
See your real-time water use, get leak alerts and benchmark your usage, all from one easy online portal.

Water Plus audit
Get our experts on your site for just a day to understand every aspect of your business’s water use, with a personalised report to show you how to make the most savings.

Benchmarking service
We can use all the juicy information from Smart Metering and auditing to compare your site’s water use against each other, or other similar sized businesses.


Save water and save money with our:

Efficiency devices
You can immediately make your taps, toilets and showers cost less and save 20%-30% of everyday water use, just by installing the right water efficiency devices.

Leak detection and repair
Don’t drip your money away – our nationwide leak detection and repair service uses the latest equipment to minimise cost and disruption to your business.

Bill validation service
An independent, trustworthy service to check all the parts of your bill are correct and find possible areas you could save money.


Protect your business with our:

Emergency water and contingency planning
Our contingency planning service takes away any worries with two reliable plans to make sure your business won’t run out of water and can always stay up and running.

Flood and weather warnings
Be the first to know about weather that could affect your business with our nifty flooding app.

Water regulations and bylaws services
Don't let surprise site surveys by your wholesaler catch you out. Our experts can make sure your business is compliant with all water regulations and bylaws.

Legionella services
Keep your water safe and avoid potentially disastrous consequences with our expert services, designed to prevent legionella bacteria being in your water systems.


Connect your business with our:

New connections services
Connections don’t have to be complicated, you can rely on us to deliver your new water connection cost effectively and to a high standard.

Developer services
Sometimes you’ll need specialist services for your new connection, we can help with: water and wastewater modelling, pressure and flow testing, WIRS approved designs, soil investigations, and sampling and testing.

Infrastructure services
No matter if your connection is standard or non-standard, we can supply all the WIRS approved services you need, such as: mains diversions, facilitation mains, on-site/off-site network installation, commissioning and testing, fire mains and systems.

Maria Gaworek, Structural Technician and consulting engineer, said:

"I’ve worked with Water Plus over the last couple of years as civil designer and I’ve always been satisfied with their performance. I can highly recommend their services for all businesses who need assistance with new supply and drainage connections. They were always really helpful liaising with local authorities and provided prompt response and delivered all cases on time. It’s been a pleasure to work with them.”

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