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Understand how your water is being used

It pays to understand how your water is being used. Your business is efficient in other areas, so why not your water usage? By monitoring your consumption, we can help you to use water more efficiently, which will save you money, support your CSR activity and help the environment.

We’re here to make your water work for you, with our expert methods of monitoring and measuring.

Smart Meters

Why worry about water usage? Get more from your meter.

By simply attaching a data logger, we can magically upgrade your current meter to a Smart Meter – without even interrupting your supply. You’ll get automated meter readings every 15 minutes, sent to your online Smart+ portal, which you can monitor and submit to us. But that’s just the beginning!

Smart Metering is an easy and cost-effective way to:

  • See the real-time water usage for all your sites, in one simple place.
  • Manage your water consumption, by monitoring your water use by time period, to find saving opportunities.
  • Set up tailored alerts to immediately warn you of unexpectedly high usage (normally meaning a leak).
  • Benchmark your sites’ water use against each other, or other similar sized businesses, to see if and how your usage could be improved.

Our online Smart+ portal’s easy to use, and you can go on here 24 hours a day to view your water use. With that and email notifications for high water use, you’ll never have to worry about water again.

The portal can even show information from multiple on-site meters, and meters from different properties nation-wide. So, wherever your business and no matter how many sites you have, we’ve got you covered.

Smart Metering means you’ll get so much more information, and you can use it to start saving money.

Want some real life examples of how Smart Meters have saved businesses like yours money? Check out how the University of Salford saved £100,000 a year, or read about how Magnesium Elektron saved £35,000 a year.

Interested? Why not have a look at our Smart+ demo portal to see how it all works for yourself.
Username: waterplus
Password: water20

Water Plus Audit

Treat your business to a full check-up.

Get our experts on your site for just a day to completely understand every aspect of your business’s water use. You’ll get a unique report with personalised recommendations of how you can save water and make the most cost savings.

Don’t fancy a full water audit? We’ve also got a desktop survey version that’s perfect for small businesses.
We use a tried and tested process, so you can depend on us to really support your business and consider its unique needs. It goes like this:
After the audit, we might recommend investing in water efficiency products. They’re a super simple way to make your current equipment use less water whilst working just as well, and we’ll let you know which ones would work best for you. If you want to have a look yourself, you can find all our great gadgets in our approved partner water efficiency shop.

Want to see auditing in action? Read about how North Lanarkshire Council could save £500,000 thanks to our audit of 100 sites.


Knowledge is power.

We can use all that information from Smart Metering and auditing to benchmark (or compare) your site’s water use against each other, or other similar sized businesses. This comparison is a really good way to know if you’re on the right track for water efficiency and show areas to improve.

Naturally, the more data you have the more accurate the benchmarking will be. So it’s good to know that as the largest water retailer in the UK, we can give you more support and more data than anyone else – helping you to save money.

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Saving water means saving money.

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