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Save water, save money

Why is water efficiency important for your business? Because saving water will save you money – on your water and energy bills. It’s a really simple way to cut costs for your business. It’ll also help you achieve environmental and sustainability goals, by reducing your carbon footprint.

We’re here to help you save water with our expert water efficiency products and services.

Efficiency devices

Want a way to immediately make your taps, toilets or showers cost less?

Water efficiency devices are the answer. Most easily fit onto your existing equipment to reduce the amount of water used, and this means they can pay for themselves within a year.

Your business could be saving 20%-30% of everyday water costs just by installing the right water saving devices! We can advise which water efficiency devices would work best for your business with our water audit, or you can look in our approved partner water efficiency shop yourself.

We’ve got lots of great gadgets like:

  • Tap adaptors – simply fitting these to your existing taps means 50% less water will come out, by cleverly mixing water with air.
  • Sensor or spray taps – if you’re looking to make bigger savings, switching to sensor or spray taps will cut tap water use by 70%.
  • Leaky loo strips – often toilet leaks run into the cistern and go unnoticed. Simply sticking this strip to your toilets will clearly show you if a hidden leak ever happens.
  • Save-a-flush bags – popping one of these in your toilet cistern saves 1.2 litres every time you flush.
  • Flow control shower heads – these have a flow rate of around 8 litres per minute, compared to the normal 15-25 litres a minute.
  • Thermostatic valves – fitting these to hot water pipes speeds up the water heating process, saving water and energy in one simple step.

If that’s not convincing enough, did you know that our government has a scheme to help with the costs of water-saving devices? The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) lets businesses claim 100% first year capital allowance on water efficiency products from their approved list. You can find more information about this here.

For a real-life example, have a look at how Hampden Park saved £40,000 a year by becoming more water efficient.

Leak detection and repair

Don’t drip your money away.

Mention leaks and most people think of water pouring out of pipes leaving an obvious puddle. However, hidden leaks seeping water underground are a common problem that can be very costly if they go unnoticed.

A leak of just 1m3 of water an hour could cost your business:

£73 a day
                  £516 a week
                                        £26,820 a year!

It’s your responsibility to maintain the pipework and fixtures on your property... but sometimes it’s not easy. If your business is functioning 24/7, or if your water use is varied, things might be more complicated. That’s where our expertise really comes in handy.

We offer a reliable leak detection and repair service, nationwide. We can carry out a leak detection survey across your whole business, and quickly undertake any work that’s needed.

We always try to repair rather than replace, to minimise cost and disruption. This means that in the majority of cases, you can continue with business as usual while our work is completed. We can even conduct out-of-hours or weekend work, if needed.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out how our leak detection and repair service saved the Caravan Club £172,900 a year, or read how we fixed Greater Manchester Police’s leaks without disruption to their important work.

Need to make an allowance claim against your sewerage charges?

If you’ve had a burst on the private pipework supplying your property, we will consider making an allowance against your sewerage charges for the water lost. Please complete and return our application form to check if you are eligible.

Bill validation

Want to make sure your bills are the best they can be?

We can work with you to validate your bills. We’ll use an independent, trustworthy service to go through them all, checking they’re correct to find opportunities to save you money.

We will:

  • Check your meter charges, to make sure you’re being charged for the actual meter size you have.
  • Check your meter size, to make sure it isn’t too large for your water usage.
  • Make sure you’re in the right drainage charge band, in case your surface water and highways drainage is not running into sewers.
  • Look into potential discrepancies in your data, to solve any hidden problems.

We’re here to work with you, to save your business money.

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Saving water means saving money.

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