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Businesses now have the power to switch their business water retailer. And, as a business, this allows you to compare business water rates and change to a cheaper tariff. With the business market water open to competition in England and Scotland, businesses in these parts of the UK can take advantage of the more competitive business water prices available.
You could be getting a better deal for your business water. Compare our business water rates and get a quote from Water Plus today.
We have contracts specially developed for small and medium sized businesses based in England, which give you a choice of water rates

Reduce your business water costs

Comparing business water prices and switching tariffs is an easy and effective way to reduce your business water costs. But it’s not the only way to cut the cost of your business water bill. At Water Plus, we offer lots of guidance and advice to help your business improve its water efficiency – no matter what size business you are.
You can also take measures to maintain your water and wastewater infrastructure and prevent costly incidents, such as burst pipes. Not only can this save your business money, but you’ll also reduce the likelihood of future disruption to your business’ water supply and your business operations.
Get a quote today to find out if you could be saving money on your business water bill.

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