Supplier information

Welcome to our Web3 Supplier Portal

You can access our supplier portal here:
Supplier Portal

To get you going, these quick reference guides will help you manage and work with the Web3 portal:

But if you still need help, please contact the Water Plus Procurement Team by email at

Supplier terms and conditions

Here are our terms and conditions for suppliers of goods & services not for resale (GSNFR) and suppliers providing brokerage services:

If you need these in an alternative format, please contact

Accounts Payable

All invoices submitted must contain a PO Number that a Water Plus representative has given you. Please email your invoice to the accounts payable inbox:, on the date the invoice is processed.

We reserve the right to reject any invoice submitted without a valid PO Number.

All suppliers need to give us contact details for key personnel who can deal with general enquiries and provide a statement of account when requested.

Our polices 

For all our policies, please head over to our polices page.

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